These 3 things are holding you back!

1. Recognize your self-image and self-worth
Research shows that you have two key types of self-image. The one you want people to see and the one that is hidden deep within your subconscious.

If your hidden self-image says “I am not smart enough”, “worthy enough” or “deserving enough” of the goal you want to achieve, you will sabotage your efforts to maintain the results your hidden self-image states and believes you deserve.

2. Breakthrough limiting beliefs
Whenever you have limiting beliefs, your perceptions and behaviors align to make sure that your limiting belief is true.

Many people prefer mastering disappointment vs mastering change and limiting beliefs act as the filter for what you see and do in the world.

Limiting beliefs keep you stuck in a paradigm that hinders your ability to achieve your life’s bigger goals and dreams.

3. Overcome your fears
There are over 50 types of fears that hold people back. Fear of failure, fear of being embarrassed, ashamed, ridiculed or judged to name a few.

Now, what most people do not know is that all three of these subconscious activities, deactivate the motivational circuits in the brain and activate the stress response circuits. When this happens- chances are that you will not take the necessary actions consistently enough to warrant the prize of goal achievement.

These three things are the reasons why goal setters can’t turn into goal achievers.

You are meant to be a goal achiever!

Enterprisers offer free entrepreneurial training to help upcoming and existing entrepreneurs to release these goal killers. Fill and submit our contact form to enroll in the training, indicate your location if you are outside the city of Uyo, and you will be notified when our workshop will be arriving in your city.


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