Three Major Routes To WEALTH – C


In our previous two articles prior to this, we have discussed the first two routes to wealth. This week on Entrepreneur Digest, we will be looking at the third route to wealth creation.

Ideas at Work

Wealth creation through Ideas at Work refers to money that accrues to you from things you create. In most cases, the major work is done once, but the reward flows for a long time thereafter, sometimes indefinitely. Thus, this method has the potential to produce an unlimited stream of regular income.

These include intellectual properties such as books, works of art, films, music, computer software, inventions, designs, etc. Other sources include patents, copyrights, manufacturers’ representation, sole agency, multi-level marketing and affiliate programs.

Royalties from intellectual property continue to flow even when the creator is no more. The Ideas at Work method of wealth creation is therefore a sure route to sustainable wealth.

At Enterprisers, we work with you to develop your ideas as an entrepreneur from cradle to maturity. We also help organize fund raising and financing to bring your ideas into reality.

Stay Smart, Wealthy and Wise!



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